Orthodontist Office in Thessaloniki

In the most pleasant environment with the best hygiene conditions

The detailed clinical and radiographic examination of every patient is the basic condition for the right treatment of all the orthodontic cases.

The main parameter concerning the treatment of children is to achieve the optimum orthodontic result delivering the less time-consuming treatment. This is obtained not only through the definition of the right time for the beginning of the orthodontic intervention, which varies depending the nature of the orthodontic problem (a mistakenly early intervention increases the time needed for the completion of the treatment) but also with the implementation of a detailed treatment plan.

The treatment of each patient separately with the outmost attention as well as our compliance with the rules of the Science of Orthodontics and Deontology are major parameters in our everyday clinical practice concerning the treatment of our patients and the operation of our office.

International Certificates

  • Certification for the Silam lingual technique.
  • Certification for the 2D Lingual Brackets technique.
  • Certification for the Incognito lingual technique.